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Fairmont City is a village that is located in both St. Clair and Madison counties. As of 2022 the population of Fairmont City is estimated to be around 2,381.

Fairmont city is proud to call itself the city of good neighbors as they strive to create a great community atmosphere. This is done by residents of the community making sure that they are providing a well-protected community.

Fairmont City is a prime example of the melting pot of cultures that is the United States. Fairmont City was previously home to an American Zinc smelting factory. This facility provided many immigrants in the area their income. The small population of Fairmont City was originally made up of immigrants from across Europe. All of these immigrant families came here with the promise of work and wanting to fulfil the American Dream.

In the 1990’s the Hispanic population of Fairmont City doubled, and now the city has the highest percentage of Hispanic people in the entire St. Louis Metropolitan area, with over 50% of the population being of Hispanic descent. This provides the community with Hispanic culture, including some of the best Mexican food spots in the entire Midwest!

Only being 5 minutes from the Gateway Arch in St. Louis sunsets in Fairmont City are picturesque and shows off the beauty of the St. Louis skyline. Collinsville Road, which was once known as the National Road, runs the length of the community. Along with this route there are a variety of vintage roadside Americana advertising signage that is unsurpassed in the area including “The Night Spot” and “Venture”. Collinsville Road also supports a NASCAR track, a gambling casino, a horse racing track, and Cahokia Mounds. The Fairmont City Library was International Grand Prize First Place for the Libraryaware for Library-community interaction in 2017, beating out the Catawba County Library in North Carolina and the Kansas City Public Library.   

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